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Recycling with us is easy!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

We want to reduce the environmental footprint in the fashion world and are working to do our part by engaging in more circular and sustainable fashion practices. We cooperate with experts within the recycling field and rely on our customers to recycle with us.

Our in-store recycling program is designed to encourage customers to return empty beauty packaging, as well as pre-loved garments, and textiles to any of our store locations. As a reward for recycling with us, we treat our customers to a 10% off voucher valid for one online

Textile recycling

Bring any textiles from any brand (old socks and tired towels are welcome too), to any of our stores and wish them luck in their new life as insulation material for the construction materials industry, geofleece, carpet underlay, and rear shelves in cars, stuffed toys, shoe insoles, among many, many other things.

This is how it works:

1. Simply fill a bag with any textiles (all brands are welcome!) and bring it to your closest store and get one voucher with a 10% recycling treat as a thank you. Please note that your voucher can be used once and is valid for three months. 2. Your bags are then collected from the store ( Juriquilla, Queretaro Mexico ) by our recycling partners. They have the infrastructural solutions in place to sort the items to ensure that the different materials are handled in the best possible way. Each piece (no matter its age or condition) is a valuable source of raw material – a treasure ready to embark on its second chapter. By recycling with us you create a circle that keeps all these raw materials from being produced again from scratch. 3. All textiles are passed on for their next best use via our recycling partner and are sorted into the following categories: • Rewear – garments that are still wearable move on as second-hand clothing. • Reuse – textiles that can’t be worn anymore are turned into special products, such as cleaning cloths • Recycling - everything that is not suitable for producing new garments is converted into recycled fibres and non-woven fabric.

4. The packaging is sorted according to material directly in the store and then passed on to the nearest recycling station.

- - Beauty recycling

We are recycling-ready, hope you are too!

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